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Community Based Skilled Nursing (CBSN) Services

Author: Florence Precious Home Care |

Our dedicated team of RNs and LPNs provide community based skilled nursing services. These professionals undergo licensure and certification, screening and are insured. RNs are the only ones allowed by the state of New Jersey to open new cases.

Duties for RNs and LPNs may include:

  • Perform evaluation tasks, including vital signs and medication review
  • Administer medication as prescribed by the patient’s physician
  • Dress or undress open wounds and assess progress of healing
  • Educate patients and families on proper home health care strategies and procedures
  • Coordinate with Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Physicians and anyone else involved in the patient’s care plan
  • Provide palliative care as needed to keep patients comfortable.
  • Make recommendations for devices or tools that might improve the patient’s quality of life.
  • Listen to the patient and respond to concerns or requests.
  • Contacting or taking orders from the physician on the telephone
  • Inserting Foley catheter
  • Providing wound care and changing dressings
  • Administering invasive procedures, such as enemas, wound, gastric, colostomy or bladder irritations, auctioning, tube feeding, douches, inserting rectal tubes or flatus bags, etc.
  • Dispensing or administering medications, including eye drops, ointment, skin patches, liquid medicine, ear drops, pain medications and suppositories
  • Providing a bowel program
  • Caring for tracheostomies
  • Applying warm compresses or heating pads
  • Performing urine tests
  • Using or assisting client with glucometer
  • Regulating flow rate of oxygen
  • Performing heavy house cleaning, such as washing walls or windows, moving heavy furniture, and cleaning basements
  • Recommending services or diagnosing and treating client problems
  • Cutting and/or trimming toenails or fingernails